When I grow up, I want to be.......

A lawyer, artist, psychologist, illustrator, publisher, entrepreneur, writer, scientist, world traveler, financial advisor, an advocate, and much, much more!  

Read life stories and thoughts from successful young bilingual deaf adults who are making their mark on the world.

Making Their Mark on the World: Life Stories and Reflections from Successful Young Deaf Adults

#whyisign campaign

"This website is dedicated to all the families and individuals who have learned ASL to communicate with their deaf family member, or deaf people in the community. They respect, value, and cherish ASL, deaf culture, and deaf people’s place in the world. This is a place where people can come to appreciate the different signing skills and experience of individuals who have braved and shared their videos and thoughts on why they learned to sign. We all are here because we believe in the power of communication based on love and trust." -whyisign.com