Growing Together: The Science of Visual Language and Visual Learning

The SCIENCE OF LEARNING clearly tells us:

more equals more!

More language means more vocabulary, more communication, more ways to grow together, more connection, and more laughter. 

More readiness for school, more readiness for reading, more resources, more access.

We are a Science of Learning Center funded by the National Science Foundation in the United States. We study visual language and learning. We study the advantages and benefits of being bilingual in both English and American Sign Language (ASL).

We are making new discoveries that benefit your family and your child.

This website is for you. Let’s thrive together.

If you are visiting this website, this means you are very likely the parent or caregiver of a newly identified deaf or hard of hearing child. You are embarking on an exciting, new, and sometimes difficult or frustrating journey, just like any other family.

Many families like you are faced with many different options for communicating with your child, and you are often encouraged to choose one option that works best for your child and your family. We have good news: you do not need to choose one option!

This center's research discoveries have clearly shown that the more ways your child can communicate, the better! This website will share discoveries from the VL2 center, the milestones of language development, share available resources, and allow you to hear from researchers, successful deaf adults, and other parents.

Sign & Read Together

Read with your child and learn American Sign Language at the same time! Read more about our exciting bilingual and interactive storybook apps for the iPad. And request your free ABC poster today!

VL2 Parent Toolkit

Online resources are available to help you and your child learn ASL together! Introducing the Parent Toolkit Website by University of Manitoba and University of Alberta.

Parent Information Package

Learn what the research has to say about visual language and bilingualism.  Read real life stories, from real people, on growing up bilingual, and or learning sign language in life. Go here to see the contents of the parent information package and to request your own copy.